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What is Affekt Audio Management?

AFFEKT Audio Management is your professional software to support your vision and creativity in the modern music business to manage the business side efficiently and effectively.

{primary} AFFEKT - be your own major record label

AffeKt is the modern way to professionalize your work flow with labels, sub-labels and artist services to give you more freedom for your creativity. AFFEKT Audio Management is a complete management system for your digital music business, be it as a tool to manage your own record label or as a track management and promotion tool for artists.
AFFEKT Audio Management was developed with the best possible user-friendliness and effective operation of a modern record label in mind.
Important data is created only once to create the best possible scalability, so that you can easily build and maintain several large labels. Affekt is an “All in one solution” software and the heart of your modern record label. All label data, tracks and releases are combined in our software and through our multi-distributor connection you are independent of individual providers.
Affekt is your music ecosystem with a variety of innovative tools and cooperation possibilities for your successful career in the music business.

First steps

Affekt First Steps gives you a first short overview how to create your first release in the fastest way.
Here you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions of our affect community.
All further detailed information on features and application possibilities can be found in the individual sections of our detailed documentation.


With our chat function you can chat within your account with all team members and partners without leaving Affekt.
Thus, a project-related smooth workflow between record label, artists, promoters and partners is to be enabled in order to make the best possible use of all team synergies.
As an additional feature you can also have the news read to you.

Ideas and feedback

Under Ideas / Vote we welcome feedback and
suggestions from our affect community.
We are constantly striving to develop Affekt into the most innovative and efficient software in the music industry.
Write us your feedback on existing features or new ideas and wishes that would inspire you.


With AFFEKT News you always stay up to date. Here we present you all technical innovations, updates and features.
We always strive to develop Affekt as one of the most innovative software solutions for the music industry and adapt it to the needs of our label managers and artists.

AFFEKT - enjoy the process