Playlist Exchange - Curator [en]


Playlist Exchange - For Curators

First create your personal Affekt account. Once you have created it, you will be prompted to connect to your Spotify Account. Now connect your Affect account with your Spotify account and after successful connection you will be redirected to our Paylist Exchange Dashboard.

My Playlists

My Playlists shows all your public playlists. In order for an artist to submit a track to your playlist, you must first create a Landing/Submission Page for that playlist.

First choose a playlist. (via the Spotify Icon you can also view it directly in Spotify)

By clicking on the “+” sign and then CREATE SUBMISSION PAGE you create your individual submission page for this playlist.

Then assign a “Genre”, a “Headline” and a “Subtitel” to your playlist and click NEXT

You can also define some conditions that the submitter has to fulfill in order to submit his track.

E.g. artist, playlist or track that the submitter must follow (optional) or album that the submitter must add to its library (optionl).

You can edit your submission page at any time or copy the link at COPY LINK TO CLIPBOARD to share it with friends or partners.

Next to the pencil symbol for editing, you can open your newly created submission page at any time via the arrow symbol to get to the front view.

My Landing Page

My Landing Page allows you to present all your playlists on one searchable landing page.

Create a name for your playlist (this will be copied into the link) as well as “Title” and “Subtitle” to describe your playlist.

You can also add a background image and your own logo to your landing page.

Finally save your entries and enjoy your new landing page, which contains all your Spotify playlists.

AFFEKT - enjoy the process

Submissions received

Under Submissions received you will find an overview of all submitted submissions.

The status pending indicates a submission that has not yet been processed by you.

Click on the new submission and proceed as follows.

At the top you will immediately see under Submitter’s retutation an indication of the general quallity of the submitter, here you have a first impression how well the submissions of this person on our platform were evaluated.

The following steps must now be taken.

  1. Listen to the submitted title and evaluate if you like it and want to add it to your playlist or reject the submitted title.
    If the title does not correspond to your genre and you think it is spam, please let us know via the red button WRONG GENRE / INAPPROPRIATE to ensure the greatest value for you and other users.

If you like the title click on NEXT

  1. Select the position where you want to integrate the submitted track into your playlist.

  2. Under Auto remove settings you can set a date on which the track is automatically removed from your playlist.
    (You can also disable this function if you want to add the track to your playlist for an indefinite time).

As soon as you click on the ADD TRACK button, the track will be integrated into your Spotify Plylist at exactly the desired position.

If you want to remove a track from your playlist, just click on the title and then click remove track from the playlist and the track will immediately be removed from your Spotify Plylist.