Playlist Exchange - Overview [en]


How can I change or add a Spotify account?

In your SETTINGS you can add a new Spotify account in the PLAYLIST EXCHANGE tab. There will be a DELETE button for existing accounts in future.


How to use as a curator?

How to use as an artist?

How does the reputation system work?

With different actions in the Affekt application you can earn points. There are also actions that can deduct points from your account. With this system we want to help our curators and all users to find trustworthy submitters/curators.

  • Create a submission page
    • +100 points
  • Accept a track submission and add it to the playlist
    • +1.000 points for the submitter and the curator
  • Send a track submission
    • +10 points for the submitter
  • A track submission was rejected
    • 10 points for the submitter
  • A previously accepted track was taken down from the playlist again
    • -1.000 points for the submitter and the curator
  • Send a chat message
    • +1 point
  • Login per day
    • +100 points
  • Sent wrong genre or inappropriate track
    • -1.000 points

Overview 2

What is Playlist Exchange ?

AFFEKT Playlist Exchange is an exchange network of playlist owners for streaming platforms. The app makes it easy to pitch the tracks in your playlists to other playlist owners.

Be part of a huge network of curators and promote your tracks to successful Spotify playlists.

This way you increase the organic range of your tracks, increase the number of your followers and promote commitment.


The Playlist Exchange Dashboard shows you on the left side under Submissions received an overview of all submissions which you have already received.

On the right side you will find under My Submissions the status of all tracks you have submitted to other playlists.

Under Playlist Followers you can see the increase of your followers of all your public playlists as statistics.

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