MIXCONline - Episode 1: Festivals during lockdown

The first ever MIXCON online!

During the next months, MIXCON will host several online panels - of course in our very own MIXCON style!


  • Mysteryland (NL)
  • Freshtival (NL)
  • Lollapalooza (Swe)

Host: ASK:ME

Festivals during the lockdown:
Festival managers, promoters, festival bookers

• The whole festival season 2020 is cancelled. What does that mean for you and your company?

• Are you trying to come up with different business models this year?

• Is having DJs in car cinemas the answer?

• Will this crisis lower fees? As well the ones paid to artists and the prices for tickets?

• Do you plan anything special / different for 2021 when festivals will be allowed to open up again?

• Did you ever have the chance to talk to one of the politicians in your country about your struggles? Or if you will get the chance what will you ask them for?

• Will you raise your hygienic standards?

• Do you have already concepts for festivals with social distancing?

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