MIXCONline - Episode 3: Artist Management in 2020

In the third MIXCON online we are talking about Artist Management in 2020.

Our host ASK:ME discusses actual topics and the special issues this very complicated year holds for Artists and their Management.

Please welcome our speakers:

Join us: June 30, 8pm CET on https://www.mixconline.de

MIXCOnline - Not another music-stream

Due to the Corona crisis the music community is missing a lot of events. Many festivals have been cancelled so far but it ́s not only about festivals. Meetings like IMS Ibiza, Cannes and Winter Music Conference Miami were cancelled as well.
So now many artists, promoter and managers are at home and unable to reach out to the audience or to meet the community in person. Everyone is streaming music to all social media platforms like hell. Step by step people might get fed up with this oversupply.

So what else could we do? The world keeps running. It ́s necessary to stay in touch with fans and business partners and develop topics further. So MIXCON shows once again its power of being innovative. That ́s why the Munich based DJ-, producer- and music- conference MIXCON teamed up with Affekt - a music, lifestyle and tools provider as well from Munich.
Affekt provides an online conference platform that MIXCON will use to discuss urgent / interesting topics with attendees from the music industry. On a weekly basis MIXCONline will invited experts to discuss important topics online.

Artist Management 2020:

• What are you doing right know? (after a stress-full series of cancellations, is there anything to do at the moment?)
• Does anybody have new business for 2021?
• Will this crisis affect the fees of artists?
• What do managers tell their artists, so they don ́t freak out?
• How are you dealing with contracts that have been cancelled in the last months? Postpone? Money back? Something else?
• How does it feel as a (tour) manager to stay at home more than 3 days? Who will loose his airline status this year? 🙂
• What’s your opinion about all this online performing and streaming? Is this the right way to keep your presence as an artist?