Playlist Exchange - Artists [en]


Playlist Exchange - For Artists

Once you have received a link from an Affekt Submission Page, you as an artist, producer or promoter/manager can submit your track to this Spotify Plylist.

Click on SUBMIT TRACK and you will be directed to the lower part of the landing page.

Then click on Login with Affekt for your submission to login with your Affekt account, or create an Affekt account if you don’t have one yet.

Next you need to connect to your Spotify account to submit your submission.

At this point you will see the conditions set by the curator, which you must agree to in order to submit your track. (These are set individually by each playlist curator)

Now enter your Spotify Track URI / URL: and agree to the conditions set by the curator.
As soon as you click on SUBMIT your track will be submitted.

The playlist curator will now receive a message about your request and you will be redirected to the “Submission Successfuly Sent Landing Page”, from where you can log in directly to your dashboard.

On the right side of your dashboard or under the “Submission Sent By Me Page” you will now see the status of your submission. With one click on the track you can now listen to the playlist and your track again and synchronize it or get a realtime overview of the status of all your submitted tracks.

AFFEKT - enjoy the process

Submissions sent by me

Under Submissions sent by me you will find an overview of all your submitted submissions.

The pending status indicates a submission that has not yet been processed by the playlist curator.

As soon as your track has been accepted, you will receive a message and your status will show you through the button ADDED that your title can now be found on the other plylist. Also you can see on the right how long your title will be on this playlist.

On the page Submissions sent by me you have the perfect overview and status of all your requested submissions.